Blanket Accident Insurance



Athletic - ages 19 and under $2 per person
Athletic - ages 20 - 70 $14 per person
Non-Athletic (All ages) $1 per person

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Who is eligible?

Recreation Agencies and Commissions or individuals that are NRPA Public Agency members or:

Recreation Agencies and Organizations that are organizational members of the NRPA with a diversified program of organized sports and non-sports activities are eligible for this program.

Who is ineligible?

Boxing, Ice Hockey, Snow Skiing and Tackle Football programs/activites.

Who is insured?

All registered participants, coaches, trainers and managers to age 70 who engage in supervised recreation activities sponsored by your organization will be covered under the policy.

When they are covered?


  1. managing or participating in scheduled activities sponsored by the member agency; or
  2. traveling as a member of a group under the supervision of an authorized representative or the member agency.

Medical Limits and AD&D Limits


Participant Accident Medical Expense Benefit
- Maximum $15,000
- Deductible Per Claim $200
- Benefit Period 3 years
Accidental Death and Specific Loss*
- Death $2,500*
- Specific Loss $2,500

* Subject to a $500,000 overall maximum for any one accident
Notes: No aggregate limit for medical expense

Accident Medical Expense Benefit

If a covered injury requires treatment by a licensed physician, the Plan will pay the usual and customary charges actually incurred by an Insured Person which is in excess of any medical expense benefits paid. Plan pays for covered medical expenses starting within 90 days from date of accident causing the injury, we will pay all covered expenses incurred within 3 years from such date, less the deductible (if any) and not to exceed the maximum benefit amounts.

  1. Usual and Customary Charge means the average amount charged by most providers for treatment, service or supplies in the geographic area where the treatment, service or supply is provided.
  2. Benefits are paid on an excess basis to other insurance coverage on the Insured Person which must be used first. In such cases there is no deductible and this insurance will apply to covered expenses no recoverable from other valid and collectible insurance. If the Insured Person is not covered by other insurance, the Excess Provision shall not apply and full benefits are payable as described less a Deductible of $200 per claim.


If injury shall result in any of the following losses within 1 year of the date of this accident, the Company shall pay the following amounts. For loss of:

For Loss of:

Each Arm 75%
Each Leg 75%
Each Hand 50%
Each foot 50%
Sight of Each Eye 50%
Speech 50%
Hearing of Each Ear 25%
Thumb & Index Finger of the Same Hand 25%

If more than one loss occurs as the result of one accident, only one benefit, the largest shall be payable.

Loss of hand or foot means severance through or above wrist or ankle joint; loss of eye means irrecoverable loss of sight; and loss of thumb and index finger means actual severance through or above metacarpophangeal joints.

Notable Exclusions: suicide, sickness, dental treatment, intoxication, replacement of hearing aids & felony. 

Terms of Insurance

Coverage will begin on the desired effective date specified in the applications, or the day following the date the application and check are mailed to K&K Insurance (as shown on the postmark), whichever is later. After becoming effective, coverage will continue through the master policy expiration date. Participants entering your plan after the effective date will be covered automatically without additional premium charge until your annual expiration date.

Please Note

This is a brief description of the important features of the insurance plan. It is not a contract of insurance. The descriptions contained here are not a complete description of all terms, conditions, and exclusions in the coverage. Please refer to your Accident Insurance Plan Description of Coverage for complete information. Please keep this information as a reference.

Insurance Underwriter

The accident policy is provided by Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

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