How to Report an Accident Medical Claim

Accident Medical Claims: This page contains claim forms and instructions to report Accident Medical Claims on NRPA-sponsored insurance program policies only.


Incident Report Form Participant Accident Claims Incident Report Form
Claim Reporting Phone1-800-237-2917
Claim Reporting Fax 312-381-9077
Claim Reporting


Please submit your completed Incident Report Form to K&K Claims Department by Fax or Email. Should you need assistance submitting your claim, or to follow up on an existing claim, please call K&K at 800-237-2917.

If you have primary insurance, please provide your medical providers with that insurance information as your primary insurance and the K&K information as your secondary insurance. If you have no other insurance, the K&K insurance would be your primary insurance. If this is done, the medical providers will bill K&K direct with all the proper billing forms.


Proper claims handling is a vital component of any insurance organization. Our Claims Department offers experienced examiners, litigation specialists and management personnel who specialize in claims investigation, analysis and disposition, we provide superior services at the time when it is needed the most.

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